Right angle Waveguide-to-Coax Adapters cover the full frequency range for WR28 to WR137 rectangular waveguides. Standard models are available with CPRF (WR137) and Cover flanges. Configurations with Type-N, SMA and 2.92mm connectors are available, depending on waveguide size.

General Specifications

RF Power: 100W Average, 3kW Peak (WR137); 50W Average, 1kW Peak (WR112-WR28)
RF Connectors: Stainless Steel, 2.92mm-F, SMA-F, Type N-F
Body: Aluminum

WG-Coax Adapters

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      Model Number WG Size Freq. (GHz) VSWR Max. Flange         Conn. Spec. Sheet
WGC137A-F1-C3-ITI WR137 5.85-8.20 1.15 CPRF Type N-F
WGC137A-F1-C1-ITI WR137 5.85-8.20 1.15 CPRF SMA-F
WGC112A-F6-C3-ITI WR112 7.05-10.0 1.15 COVER Type N-F
WGC112A-F6-C1-ITI WR112 7.05-10.0 1.15 COVER SMA-F
WGC90A-F6-C3-ITI WR90 8.20-12.4 1.15 COVER Type N-F
WGC90A-F6-C1-ITI WR90 8.20-12.4 1.15 COVER SMA-F
WGC75A-F6-C1-ITI WR75 10.0-15.0 1.15 COVER SMA-F
WGC62A-F6-C1-ITI WR62 12.4-18.0 1.15 COVER SMA-F
WGC51A-F6-C1-ITI WR51 15.0-22.0 1.2 COVER SMA-F
WGC42A-F6-C5-ITI WR42 18.0-26.5 1.2 COVER 2.92mm-F
WGC34A-F6-C5-ITI WR34 22.0-33.0 1.2 COVER 2.92mm-F
WGC28A-F6-C5-ITI WR28 26.5-40.0 1.25 COVER 2.92mm-F