Dual Polarized Lens Horn Antennas are specially useful when high gain is required with the minimum size. Therefore, these antennas are widely used in radar applications, communication links and meteorological systems, among others. New cutting-edge space applications include LHA’s for MiniSat, MicroSat, NanoSat and CubeSat communications.

General Specifications

• From 8.2 to 110 GHz (WR90 to WR10).
• 30 dBi nominal mid-band gain.
• Very compact size.
• Low VSWR.
• Linear polarization.
• Custom specifications can be requested

Dual Linear Polarized LHA (DLPLHA)

Anteral’s Dual Linear Polarized Lens Horn Antennas (DLPLHA) are an integrated system composed of an orthomode transducer (OMT) that provides high isolation and cross-polarization (XP) cancellation and a conical horn antenna with a plano-convex Teflon (PTFE) lens added in the aperture, in order to apply phase correction and achieve high gain, low VSWR and low side-lobes, with minimum size.

They are designed to cover the frequency range of 8 to 110 GHz in 12 bands with 30 dBi nominal mid-band gain and a typical VSWR of 1.25. The OMT supports either horizontal or vertical polarized signals with more than 35 dB cross-polarization rejections and 35 dB isolation. The OMT is configured with two waveguide ports for the horizontal and vertical polarization. Besides, custom bands and gain values can be requested. Anteral offers LHAs with linear or circular polarization.

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Model Number Freq. (GHz) S11 Typ. (dB) Directivity (dBi) Spec Sheet
DLPLHA-30-WR90 8.2-12.4 -18 30.4
DLPLHA-30-WR75 10-15 -18 30.8
DLPLHA-30-WR62 12.4-18 -18 31.1
DLPLHA-30-WR51 15-22 -18 31.9
DLPLHA-30-WR42 18-26.5 -18 31
DLPLHA-30-WR34 22-33 -18 30.4
DLPLHA-30-WR28 26.5-40 -18 30.8
DLPLHA-30-WR22 33-50 -18 30.5
DLPLHA-30-WR19 40-60 -18 30.5
DLPLHA-30-WR15 50-75 -18 30.3
DLPLHA-30-WR12 60-90 -18 30.2
DLPLHA-30-WR10 75-110 -18 30.1
DLPLHA-30-WR06 120-160 -18 30.2