Polarizers (POL)

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• High performance.
• From 7 to 110 GHz (WR112 to WR10).
• Low Axial Ratio.
• Low VSWR.
• Specific performance can be requested.

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Anteral designs and manufactures high-performance polarizers (POL) for communication and radar systems. Depending on the client requirements, we offer the best optimized design in terms of complexity and price. Anteral has developed multiple designs of Polarizers (POLs) up to 110 GHz.

This kind of components are used for either combine two orthogonal signals into one at a circular waveguide or to separate a signal that is input through a circular waveguide in two orthogonal signals. Both full waveguide band models and narrow band models with enhanced cross polarization and isolation can be requested.

Product Datasheets:

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Model Frequency (GHz) Axial Ratio, Typ (dB) Polarization
POL-RL-SAT-X-01 7.25-7.75 0.25 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-SAT-X-02 7.9-8.4 0.25 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-SAT-X-03 7.25-7.75


0.3 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-SAT-X-04 7.25-8.4 0.25 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-SAT-KU-01 10.7-12.75


0.8 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-SAT-KKA-01 20.2-21.2


1 Linear to RHC&LHCP
POL-RL-SAT-Q-01 37.5-42.5 0.3 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-SAT-V-01 47.2-52.4 0.3 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-SAT-5G-E-01 71-76


0.8 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-WR10-01 80-95 1 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-RL-WR10-02 92-100 1 Linear to RHCP&LHCP
POL-R-SAT-X-01 7.25-8.4 0.1 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR112-01 7.05-10 0.4 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR90-01 8.2-12.4 0.4 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR75-01 10-15 0.5 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR62-01 12.4-18 0.5 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR51-01 15-22 0.5 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-SAT-KKA-01 17.3-31 1 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR42-01 18-26.5 0.6 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR34-01 22-33 0.7 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR28-01 26.5-40 0.7 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-WR22-01 33-50 0.7 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-SAT-QV-01 37.5-42.5


0.4 Linear to RHCP/LHCP
POL-R-SAT-5G-E-01 71-76


0.8 Linear to RHCP/LHCP

*This table contains only a few POL examples. All data are typical values. Contact us for other POL and more information.

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