Filters (FILT)

• High performance – Low cost.
• From 3 to 110 GHz (WR229 to WR10).
• High Rejection, Low VSWR and Low loss.
• Low-Pass, High-Pass, and Band-Pass performance.
• Narrow and wide bandwidths.
• COTSs and custom designs can be requested.

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Anteral’s filters and multiplexers are available in different bands covering a frequency range between 3 GHz and 110 GHz. COTSs and custom designs are available. All filters and multiplexers are designed for minimum footprint and low mass. Optimized assemblies for custom topologies.
RF and thermo-mechanical design, material and finish selection targeted at critical parameter optimization or best compromise performance. Material selection for optimum thermal stability
The filters and diplexers are small and compact by design. Low insertion losses and cutoff rejections are obtained depending on the structure. Most of the components are turning less. Can be integrated as part of antennas feed network. Consult Anteral for dimensions and other specifications due to the wide range of waveguide sizes and frequency ranges.
Low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filters are available. Narrow-band and wide-band performance. In the following table are summarized some of the available filters.
Waveguide Low-Pass Filters: Typically used for harmonic rejection. Corrugated, waffle-iron and more advanced solutions. High Performance in Power Handling, Multipaction and Corona.
Waveguide Band-Pass Filters: Elliptic or pseudo-elliptic transfer functions for increased selectivity. High Performance in Power Handling, Multipaction and Corona.

Additional information

Pass band (GHz)

10.7-12.7, 10.7-12.75, 17-21, 20.2-21.2, 26.5-32.5, 29-31, 3.4-4.2, 37.5-42.5, 58.5-59.5, 61-62, 7.25-7.75, 7.72-7.75, 7.9-8.4, 71-76, 81-86, 90-100


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