Cassegrain Reflector Systems (CRS)

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• From 50 to 500 GHz
• 5 different directivity values in each frequency band
• Optimized spillover efficiency
• Robust design
• Specific directivity values can be requested
• Low losses

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Anteral’s Cassegrain Reflector Systems (CRS) are high frequency parabolic antennas composed by a pyramidal feedhorn antenna, a primary parabolic mirror and a secondary hyperbolical mirror. The feed and the primary mirror are designed to maximize the spillover efficiency while reducing the blockage to the minimum. The secondary mirror is specially manufactured to have the best reflecting surface at the highest frequencies. The whole structure presents a robust design and it is covered with a radome for outdoor applications.

The CRS are specially useful for high-capacity data links at the new high frequency bands as well as any application where maximum gain is required. Anteral also offers custom clamping structures. Specific directivity values can be requested.

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Model Input Waveguide Directivity
CRS-140-WRxx WR15 to WR1.9 34 to 56 dBi
CRS-240-WRxx WR15 to WR1.9 39 to 61 dBi
CRS-340-WRxx WR15 to WR1.9 42 to 64 dBi
CRS-440-WRxx WR15 to WR1.9 44 to 67 dBi
CRS-520-WRxx WR15 to WR1.9 46 to 68 dBi

Additional information

Directivity (dBi)

34-56, 39-61, 42-64, 44-67, 46-68


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